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  Kataro vineyards are located in the southern region of Armenia, Artsakh, close to Togh village - its history goes back for more than 14 centuries. The culture of local wine-making is as old as the region is itself.  Many ancient karases (wine jugs) where discovered in the melik’s – prince’s – palace, which is one of the architectural and archaeological attractions in Togh. The grapes can be called a “cult plant” of the region: grape images can be found on khachkars, it is used for offerings in the church, and Azokh village, which is fifth in the world, where the remains of a Neanderthal were found, translated from the local dialect means "unripe grapes."

  Vineyards "Kataro" are owned by Avetissyan’s family for more than hundred years - the first vines were planted by the great-grandfather of the current owners at the beginning of the XXth century. Currently, domain Avetissyan owns 10 hectares of vineyards, which are located at an altitude of 740-800 meters above sea level.

  Cultivated grape variety - Khndoghni, ancient indigenous Armenian grape type that grows only this region.

  The favorable climate, the soft sun, fertile soil and constant care contribute to the birth of the wine, which absorbs the beauty and nobility of the local nature.

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