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  Domain Avetissyan specializes in Khndoghny grapes, which grow only in this region. All process of the wine-making - from planting the vine to harvesting ripe grapes is performed by hand, which allows almost 100% control over the product quality.


  "Kataro" Red wine is characterized by the intense color, fullness and softness, noble taste and a delicate aftertaste. Khndoghny grape is rich in tannins and gives the wine extraction and expressiveness. Kataro Red Wine pairs well with Armenian barbeque, strong local cheeses and rich food in general.

“Kataro” Rosé pairs the experienced wine crafting of Avetissyan family with the flavours of indigenous Armenian grape varieties grown in Vayots Dzor and Ararat Valley. Kataro Rosé is a blend of Areni, Tozot and Kakhet, brought to perfection through skillful mastery and knowledge of each of the varieties. The nose is fruitful and elegant; the palate is fresh and crisp, with hints of strawberry and fruits, finishing with a distinctive minerality.




With aging Kataro wines become more delicate and soft.


First bottling of Kataro was made in 2010. Nowadays more than 60 000 bottles are produced annually.