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KATARO – History in a Bottle

Wine is a storyteller. Open the bottle and it will tell you about the land, the sun and the hands that convey love to the vine each year. KATARO is the storyteller, the one that charms you to listen to it over and over again, because Artsakh’s land, sun, “Kndoghni” grape and the hands of Avetissian family put in the bottle such a unique bunch of feelings, the taste of which will accompany you on your festive days and cozy evenings. The history of KATARO goes back to 2010, when Ernest Avetissian started wine production in Togh village of Hadrut region. The efforts of father Edik and his son Grigori paid off as a premium quality wine over decades turning it into a unique brand of Artsakh in the world, and inspiring many people to grow grapes and produce wine. KATARO thus became the driving force behind the sector development. The annual Festival of Artsakh Wine organized by Avetissian family was attracting thousands of tourists and wine lovers from around the world to Togh, taking Artsakh wines to a whole new level. As a result of the 2020 large-scale war in Artsakh, Hadrut region passed under the control of Azerbaijan, leaving the KATARO winery in Togh. In those hard times, it was possible to take out only KATARO 2017 Reserve, of which none was left either in the winery or in the Armenian market. The only upside is that the land and sun of Artsakk and Kndoghni grapes are still there and so are the same hands of Avetissian family which will keep on producing KATARO no matter what. And for us, KATARO lovers, there is an exceptional opportunity to not only enjoy this wine, but also become part of its history.

In an attempt to reestablish the winery, the Avetissian family sells this batch taken out at the very last moment from Togh. Everyone who buys wines from this batch will be invaluable guests and witnesses of KATARO renaissance. Togh is not in the past; thanks to KATARO, the taste of Togh will remain on our lips till we meet again. Meanwhile, we are looking forward to meeting you on the new page of our history!