Kataro wines are a welcome guest at any event – from local wine tastings to high-end soirees. As a newby it always attracts attention and fascinates, enlarging the army of its admirers. Many of them, together with wine connoisseurs and professional sommeliers come each September to the birthplace of Kataro wines – Togh village in Artsakh region of Armenia to celebrate the Annual Wine Festival.
Touring across the astonishing mountains and hillsides of Artsakh, learning about the history and touching the antiquity, travellers have a unique opportunity to try the selected world wines and local cuisine, participate in festive dances, listen to the music, communicate with wine-crafters, witness the traditional wine-blessing ceremony or just relax under a warm sunlight among the medieval ruins of Prince Eghan's Castle.
7th Annual Artsakh Wine Festival will take place in September, 2020 at Togh village, Hadrout region, Artsakh, Armenia.
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