Each bottle of Kataro wine is the art of recreating Artsakh history, which stretches from the Neanderthals settlement to Christianity adoption and then to Middle ages and modern Wine Festival. Grape cultivation has always been here a part of local everyday life – ancient manuscripts describe "wine-offerings to honourable guests", medieval wine jugs keep traces of grape seeds, inscriptions on chapels tell about grape donations for the special events, even thomb stones bear the pictures of cheerful feasts, depicting grapes and wine jugs. Even now people bring grape vines to the churches as a symbol of their belief.
Kataro wines are the result of many years of elaboration and hard work. The great grandfather of the current Domaine Avetissyan owner - Aghadjan Avetissyan - was crafting wine from Khndoghni grapes all his life. It was as natural as baking the bread – no meal would be complete without a glass of a good wine. However, with the collapse of USSR and politcal changes and turmoils happening, the viticulture has been forgotten in the region.
It was only in 1996, when Grigory Avetissyan - current winery owner, decided to revive winemaking history and started to plant Khndoghni vineyards. Khndoghni is an indigenous to Artsakh, very hard variety to work with; for many years it has been thought that it is impossible to craft premium segment wines from it. Grigory Avetissyan was the first, who combined winemaking traditions and modern viticultural knowledge to receive a wine, that is highly praised by all critics.
First wines under the brand "Kataro" has seen the light in 2010. Made only from Khndoghni, Kataro Red was an instant success; they delighted the world by their inimitable and magnificent succulent taste. Kataro Red Reserve, also only from Khndoghni varietal, but aged in the barrels made from local Caucasian oak, followed within the next few years. Khndoghni, with its ideal potential for aging, was perfectly revealed in the Reserve vintage.
Gold medals in Concours Mondial de Bruxelle, Le Grand Degustation de Montreal, Prowein Expo and ProdExpo are a tribute to the great grandfather and his eternal talent for Khndoghni taming.
Now Grigory Avetissyan is the Founder of the Association of Artsakh Winemakers, following the mission to not only revive the Khndoghni viticulture and promote Artsakh wines, but to bring the prosperity to the whole region.
"It all started in 1990s with a photo of my great grandfather - the only preserved symbol of our family's wine making tradition by then. I put a goal to revive the history. Working with passion and always aiming for more is a key to our wines charm and exquisite reputation."
Grigory Avetissyan, owner

An ancient "Kataro" chapel located on Dizapayt mountain peak near the vineyards was an inspiration for the wine labelling